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Now that Arizona’s Prop. 206 (Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act) is almost fully effective, how are other companies implementing the changes?  Are companies creating separate Paid Sick Leave (PSL) accruals or are they rolling the requirements into existing PTO allowances?  Is the implementation trending differently for larger companies?  Smaller companies?

The Act has been described as one of the more intricate paid leave laws in the country.  Although there is a lawsuit pending to stop the implementation of the Act, the requested injunction has been denied and all indications are the Act, in its entirety, will go into effect as scheduled.

The minimum wage provisions of the Act went into effect on January 1st, bumping Arizona’s minimum wage from $8.05 to $10 per hour for 2017.  Additionally, beginning July 1, 2017, the PSL-aspect of the Act goes into effect.  There are numerous changes businesses will need to make to their PTO policies, leave policies, and pay stubs.

During this webinar, we will:

  • Review the various aspects of the planned minimum wage increases for exempt, non-exempt, and tipped workers
  • Go into depth regarding the required paid sick leave time, how it is calculated, what it can be used for, the various increments employees can use it, and how the requirement impacts different employee categories
  • Discuss how medium and large organizations are implementing various aspects of the Act including managing PSL versus PTO, tracking PSL time, updating policies, etc.
  • Discuss the various ancillary rules and guidelines outlined in the act such as:
    • The impact of an employee introductory period
    • How employers can continue to annually pay-out an employee’s PSL
    • The new itemizations required on Arizona employees’ pay stubs
    • The new posting requirement
    • The new document retention guidelines for payroll records
    • Managing attendance concerns with an employee who used time granted under the Act, and more

This live webinar is ideal for HR professionals, supervisors with responsibilities for overseeing employees’ time cards, and mid-level managers.

Note: This webinar is entirely computer-based and is also mobile-optimized; there’s no need for a dial-in number.

The use of this seal confirms that this activity has met HR Certification Institute’s (HRCI) criteria for recertification credit pre-approval.


Registration Cost: $25
Date: May 11, 2017 10:00 am - 11:00 am (Arizona)
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